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who is baby teith?

Baby Teith is for darling rock-n-roll girls and boys. It's for nostalgic families who obsess over alt bands from the late 70s through 90s. Inspired by the little kids at music festivals, weekend nights spent dancing in the living room, John Hughes films, post-punk records, and the joy of sharing music with your cool little humans.

Baby Teith  has been awarded "Best Kids Clothing" by New Times three years in a row.



made in the u.s.a.

Our high quality fashion items are ethically produced in Phoenix, AZ.

The fabric that we choose to cut and sew is always durable for active kids. We use fabrics that wash great with minimal shrinkage and fading. The cotton all-over-prints are designed by Tiffe and printed by an amazing women-owned small business just for Baby Teith!

Our rock star manufacture is local to us in Phoenix Arizona where we can visit, control quality and have a relationship with the seamstresses. This also allow us to make sure that everyone is treated fairly as apposed to outsourcing over-seas like many children's brands where the cost is lower, but child labor and unfair conditions is rampant. This is so important to us.

Our graphic tees are also printed by experts locally in Phoenix. They are printed on high quality tees that are super soft and durable! We hope that you give our clothing a try and see that they are not only cool designs, but also made with quality and ethics in mind.


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We also focus on building a fun community of mothers through events and social media groups. Be sure to join our Facebook group to connect with other cool moms, product sneak peeks, win prizes at our watch parties, and have access to exclusive items like our clubhouse tees. Join Our Facebook Group


what's the story?


Owners Tiffe and Keith (Teith) created the line of kids clothing after their daughter was born in 2013. Keith hails from Dublin, Ireland where he had a long career in music. His introduction to the rock star lifestyle was when, at the age of 15, he and his brother's band got a record deal. He toured the world for the next 5 years with their band, Power of Dreams playing on the same bill as Nirvana, the Happy Mondays, Iggy Pop, Bob Dylan, Ride, Charlatans, and many more. They were dubbed the Irish Indie Darlings and Bono of U2 even sent them a gift basket. He continued to make music after the band split and eventually made it over the to states where he met Tiffe. His more recent work has been has been featured on shows for MTV, ABC, CBS, and USA.

Tiffe attended the Fashion Institute of design and Merchandise in Los Angeles. Originally from Phoenix Arizona, she made her way to California to expand her experience in the fashion industry. Up until that point, Tiffe designed clothing for the runway. As a teen, she taught herself HTML and graphic design to launch an online shop on Geo-cities in the year 1999. This was her first stint at eCommerce. Fellow ravers whom she met in chat rooms would go to her site to design their own party clothing. They sent checks in the mail and she would complete and ship their order. Finding a way to build a business around her desire to create fashion always came second nature to her. Over the years, she worked retail as a stylist and merchandiser while learning how to read numbers to make business decisions and designing runway collections. She was awarded New Times "Best Fashion Designer" for the year 2013. Tiffe also worked on the set of many movies and music videos, fusing her love of music and style. Tiffe and Keith met when a mutual friend invited them both to dinner with Smith's bassist Andy Rourke and their lives changed forever. 




In 2011, Keith popped the question. Shortly after, they found out that they were going to be parents and life couldn't get sweeter. In 2013, their daughter Violet was born. Nothing could possibly come close to the joy she brought. Tiffe couldn't resist making Violet her own little wardrobe that she designed.

Friends loved Violet's clothing and wondered when Tiffe was going to make the designs available for them to purchase. At the time, Etsy was all the rage and Tiffe was excited to give it a shot. She launched an Etsy shop, making items as they were ordered, very similar to her first stunt selling online when she was fifteen.

After a few months, the shop was a hit! And with her growing desire to stay home with their daughter, she was able to make Baby Teith her full-time gig. Months passed and orders got bigger. And bigger! Later that year, Keith was able to join Baby Teith full-time.

Story to be continued..

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