Baby Teith is carried at these awesome stores

Amoeba Music | Los Angeles, CA

Amoeba Music | San Fransisco, CA

Earthside | Florence, AL

Bunky Boutique | Phoenix, AZ

Frances | Phoenix, AZ

Cheeky Chic | Scottsdale, AZ

Zia Records | Phoenix, AZ

Zia Records | Tempe, AZ

Zia Records | Chandler, AZ

Zia Records | Mesa, AZ

Shirts and Things | Mesa, AZ

Stinkweeds | Phoenix, AZ

Daily Planet Bookstore | Hollywood, CA

Burro | Venice, CA

Burro | Malibu, CA

Burro | Thousand Oaks, CA

Childish | Santa Cruz, CA

Eggy | Los Angeles, CA

La La Ling | Los Angeles, CA

Lil Devils Boutique | Long Beach, CA

Sweet Threads | Long Beach, CA

Plum Goods | Santa Barbara, CA

The Red Balloon | Newport Beach, CA

Wonderful and Wild | San Diego, CA

Childish | Santa Cruz, CA

Blackbird General Store | Calabasas, CA

FashioNation / Baby Sitter's Nightmare | Denver, CO

Little Threads | Chicago, IL

Indy CD & Vinyl | Indianapolis, IN

RayGun | Des Moines, IA

RayGun | Iowa City, IA

RayGun | Cedar Rapids, IA

RayGun | Kansas City, MO

Little Sprout | Kalamazoo, MI 

Off Piste | Portsmouth, NH

Dirt & Noise | Montclair, NJ

I Need More | New York, NY

Random Accessories | New York, NY

Wanderlustre | Brooklyn, NY

Random Accessories | New York, NY

Space Kiddets | New York, NY

Darkside Records | Arlington, NY

Cub Shrub | Columbus, OH

Grasshoppper Store | Portland, OR

Born Yesterday Kids | Philadelphia, PA

Kindred and Kid | Austin, TX

Wild About Music | Austin, TX

Space Montrose | Houston, TX

Boston Street Baby | Seattle, WA

Bootyland | Seattle, WA


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