Would you like to rep an awesome brand while helping build a cool community of 80's music lovers? If the answer is, "Yes!" then, we would love to have you join the Baby Teith Crew!


We started our brand rep program in 2018. It has grown to 700+ members of music fans who want to help with our mission: to bring people together through our shared love of 80's music, spooky stuff, and parenthood. We are interested in fans who are aligned with our values. Those who want to share Baby Teith with the world!

Our program is inclusive to everyone. Any age, gender, or background, anywhere in the world is invited to apply. You do not have to have a large following on social media or take editorial level photos to become a Crew Member.


As a crew member, you receive the following benefits during the duration of the season:

    • A specially priced Crew Member tee + VIP lanyard package for Crew Members Only!

    • 25% off one personal order per season (found in your offer email.)

    • A unique 10% off discount code valid for you and your friends to receive 10% off orders.

    • Entry to our facebook group for Crew Members only for weekly program updates, trading products, networking and swapping tips.

    • Be featured on our social media, blogs, and emails.

    • Be a part of our family and a part of Baby Teith!


        The following is what we ask of from Crew Members:

        1. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook

        2. Stay informed by reading all Crew Newsletters via email and/or Brand Rep facebook group.

        3. Engage with our social media when possible.

        4. Re-post promos, product launches, and sales.

        5. Promote your unique 10% off promo code online and IRL communities.


        How to apply:

        1. Follow us on IG (@babyteith) and like our FB page.

        2. Re-post the image above to your feed or stories on Instagram and/or Facebook. Tag us so we don't miss it! @babyteith #babyteith

        3. Fill out the application found here: https://forms.gle/SCdSN9YYUQUDUDGp7

        4.  If accepted, you will receive an offer letter.

        5. If accepted, join our Crew Member's FB Group


        Our current Brand Rep Search ends on Nov 1st, 2022.