Western Goth Playlist

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Our new Goth Western playlist is a fusion of brooding classics from icons like Johnny Cash, Tom Waits, and Nick Cave, intertwined with fresh western melodies from Orville Peck, The Growlers, and culminating in the hauntingly captivating 80s hits that have inspired our Goth Western Collection, featuring Depeche Mode, The Smiths, and many more.



Our Western Goth Collection is dropping THIS Saturday, June 24th at Noon PST! A mesmerizing blend of Western goth aesthetics inspired by our home of the enchanting Southwest desert, spooky allure, and the unforgettable melodies of the 80s.

Be sure to sign up for VIP status, early access, and more!

VIP access gets you:
💀 Collection preview
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💀 Free sticker for the first 20 orders over $50
💀 $5 shop credit! (this weekend only.)

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