Interview with Daisy O'Dell on Motherhood and DJ Life

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What's it like to be an in-demand Hollywood DJ, bad ass remixer, and a loving mother? We wanted to know. Last month, we chatted with Daisy O'Dell right after her gig at the official after party for the 75th Golden Globes. Daisy talks about what has changed for her since entering motherhood, her musical and fashion influences, and David Bowie.

Baby Teith: We know that you are a huge David Bowie fan. What is it that you love most about him?
Daisy O'Dell: Everything.

BT: Aside from David Bowie, who is your biggest inspiration?
DOD: Marlene Dietrich, Gloria Steinem, Bell Hooks, Stevie Nicks, Simone de Beauvoir, Yoko Ono, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Lou Reed, Malala Yousafzai, Bjork



BT: Has becoming a mother changed the way you peruse DJing at all?

DOD: I tour less and my practice room is now filled with toys. There are definitely challenges balancing motherhood and work but I think that is true for all working parents.



BT: What other mothers do you have massive respect for?
DOD: All of them. Particularly single mothers and those in the developing world. Even with all the privilege that I enjoy (and do not take for granted) it’s hard. In America, we really need to do a better job of supporting those in need of support with initiatives extending maternity (and paternity) leave and mandating affordable healthcare.


BT: The 75th Golden Globe Awards were monumental and will go down in history for support of the women's movement. Naturally, you were in attendance and performed at the after party (with a DJ booth drop-in by Drake.) What are some stand-out moments in the night for you? What was the energy like and how did it compare to other award shows that you have played at?
DOD: There was definitely a sense of importance to the evening – the significance of the moment was not lost on attendees. Guests, women in particular, experienced a sense of solidarity and comfort within a sea of black signifying, of course, that we are not alone. It wasn’t somber, it was celebratory.


BT: If you could live in one year's music scene forever, which year would it be?

DOD: Late 70s/ early 80s. I want to go from dancing to disco (gimmie my Casablanca Records 10 minute 12”s please) at Studio 54 to listening to post punk & early new wave (Television, Suicide, Talking Heads) at CBGBs. I have always dressed the part - my vintage obsession skews heavily to that era.


BT: What is one track that never gets old for you no matter how many times you hear it?
DOD: Tainted Love by Gloria Jones (Soft Cell version is also a favorite)

For more info on this bad ass mama visit her website and follow her on instagram. You can find more of Daisy's tracks and mixes on her soundcloud.

Thank you Daisy!!

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