Brand Rep Feature | Megan Kushner

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Your name and location?
Megan Kushner Absecon, NJ
Your child/children's name and ages?
Jeriko 9, Everly 2, River 1
Are you a rockstar stay-at-home parent or bad ass working parent? If the latter, what do you do for work?
Full time Hairstylist
How has parenthood changed you? What obstacles do you face as a parent? Any advice you'd like to give to new parents?
I thought I was supposed to turn into someone else when I became a parent and I struggled with my independence. The more me I became I realized I was happier and that I was a better role model to my kids for it!!! Teaching them to let their freak flag fly!!!
We'd love to learn more about your interests! Among your friends and family, what are you most known for? What are you obsessed with?
Cats, flea markets, vintage clothing and jewelry, music, tattoos
We'd love to learn more about your children! What about them makes you the most proud? What are they obsessing over at the moment? Do they have their own sense of style? If so, where do you think that comes from?
Jeriko is an artist and wants to be a special effects makeup artist. He loves horror too. Everly is my sassy singer and dancer who talks non stop, and River is my little sweetheart who loves ducks and his brother and sister!
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