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Your name and location?
Lexi Ellis, Long Island NY
Your child/children's name and ages?
Zaizal Reed (almost 4), Atlas Grey (2) and Nixon Strummer (newborn)
Are you a rockstar stay-at-home parent or bad ass working parent? If the latter, what do you do for work?
Stay at home Momma!
How has parenthood changed you? What obstacles do you face as a parent? Any advice you'd like to give to new parents?
Parenting has absolutely made me a better version of myself. I was knee deep in art school before I stumbled upon this whole new journey. And I can honestly say that even though my third son just arrived, everyday is a learning experience. I may have acquired a decent set of mom skills already but I’m still always figuring something out/improving myself to set a good example.
We'd love to learn more about your interests! Among your friends and family, what are you most known for? What are you obsessed with?
Before having my first son I was a fine arts student and did construction jobs to make money (no expert! But I did it!). I used to ride my bike/skateboard everywhere and firmly believed that I would never need a license (I have one now). Some people think that I’m funny/interesting? (I like those people!) I just think that I’ve been lucky enough to meet some really interesting and inspiring people along the way that helped shape me into what I am now. My heroes are some mix between Patti Smith, Henry Rollins, Lou Reed and Marina Abramović. Their attitudes and views on life have been an inspiration in my own. I am happiest when outside with my little men, hiking and exploring.
We'd love to learn more about your children! What about them makes you the most proud? What are they obsessing over at the moment? Do they have their own sense of style? If so, where do you think that comes from?
My oldest, Zai, has the best imagination. He’s always concocting some type of plan and puts his whole heart into it! He loves the Beatles and has us sing him Yellow Submarine every night. Atlas is hilarious! He has a bubbly personality and is always singing. His current favorites are The Ramones and Neutral Milk Hotel's cover of I Love How Your Eyes Close. Nixon is only a week old so we are still learning about that guy but we are so in love with him and excited to see his little personality develop!
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