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Your name and location?
Alex, London UK
Your child/children's name and ages?
Phoebe Cecily Violet
Are you a rockstar stay-at-home parent or bad ass working parent? If the latter, what do you do for work?
How has parenthood changed you? What obstacles do you face as a parent? Any advice you'd like to give to new parents?
So many changes. It is like learning to swim again except nobody gives you water wings. If I had to give advice to a new parent; I would say breathe, cry into a pillow, stop questioning everything you do, ask for help and hide your phone for night feeds because random stuff you ordered from China via Ebay will arrive 3-12 weeks later.
We'd love to learn more about your interests! Among your friends and family, what are you most known for? What are you obsessed with?
Feeding. Total feeder, I love to bake. My love of eclectic music. My ability to have a sing off without wine. Put Kooks on by Bowie and I am there. Jump around by House of Pain and I am rapping in a terrible middle class sounding voice.
We'd love to learn more about your children! What about them makes you the most proud? What are they obsessing over at the moment? Do they have their own sense of style? If so, where do you think that comes from?
My daughter at the moment is dressed a bit like mummy from the 90s meets mummy as a kid. With a dash of Bjork. She is a comedian, a firecracker, so kind, once described punk as a way of life and hates Coldplay, so for sure a keeper.
You can follow Alex here:
INSTAGRAM : @asideoforderofme

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