5 Ethical Clothing Brands for Cool Kids and Babies

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These brands posses some or all of the following admirable traits:

  • Unconventional design to the traditional kids' clothing market
  • Use sustainable and recycled fabrics
  • Made in-house or in their local communities
  • Owned by Small Business Owners

Reach for your babe's bib and prepare to drool while you browse the list below.

1. Someday Soon 

Parents Catherine and Jacob who reside in Kolding in Jutland, Denmark set out on an adventure to create a premium fashion brand for boys aged 2-14 years.  With 10 years experience in the fashion industry, they nailed it. Their use of Nortic motifs mixed with cool style not only pays homage to Denmark but also shows the world that kids are cool too. http://www.someday-soon.com/


2. frankiegrow

It may come of no surprise to see a Japanese brand on this list. frankiegrow’s moto is “Japanese Style, Simple & Pop Design, Baby Kids clothing.” Their artsy themes and playful colors make this line as fun as it is adorable. http://frankygrow.com/


3. Beau LOves

Beau LOves is proud that all of their products are designed , printed and made in London, England. They are committed to supporting British businesses and trade to bring you good quality, ‘Carbon Neutral’ garments. Items range from baby to kid and are undeniable cool. http://www.beauloves.co.uk


4. Gardner and the Gang

Gardner and the Gang is a children's clothing  line by Kristin Nystrom, a Swede living in Singapore. All garments are super soft,comfy and play friendly with a high dose of fashion. Kristin draws all prints and makes characters that all have a story to tell. We love to come up with different themes for each range, ones that children and parents alike can relate to and fall in love with. Our original art is all hand-drawn, and these drawings are turned into screens, which are then screen-printed on organic cotton. http://www.gardnerandthegang.com/




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