4 Ways to Keep The Romance Alive After Kids

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With less time and more expenses in the mix, parenthood can definitely dim the romantic flame. This Valentine's day, we asked some of our parent friends, "How do you keep the love alive?" These four tips are pure gold and every couple with kids should definitely consider them! 💘


1. Make the Bed a Parents-Only Zone

Hanah (+ Christopher)
Marketing Director at Skingraft
"Well, the most recent reigniting has come from sleep training. Finally getting our almost two year old out of our bed has done wonders 💪🏽 Plus, what’s hotter than a good night’s sleep? We’re a week in and things are 🔥"



2. Even YouTube and Chill Can Work

Corbin (+ Brandon)
Stringer at The New York Times
“Designated date nights are a must. Make time every week for a kid free moment so you can give your partner your full attention. If you can’t land a babysitter, plan ahead and skip nap time so you can put the little down earlier. Don’t over think it either! Even if you’re just making out and watching fail videos on YouTube in bed, spend time together.”



3. Put the Phone Down

Megan (+ Seejay)
Freelance Makeup Artist
"It’s easy to slip into the roles of being becoming effective coworkers instead of partners. I’d love to say, “take a vacation! Go out to dinner!” but it’s not always that easy. Even if you can’t get time away together, something as simple as putting your phones away and snuggling on the couch while you watch a movie can help center you as a couple."


4. Staring Contests Can Be Romantic, Too

Laura (+ Allen)
Photographer of Nap Time with Joey
"We do this thing almost every night where we just put our phones down and stare at each other until one of us cracks up. I think I read somewhere that staring into each other’s eyes for a long period of time is actually a very intimate thing to do. We just laugh every time we do it but we love it. 🤣"


What about you? Do you have any tips that you know now that you wish you knew then? Help a motha' out! I need to know! 😂


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Happy Valentine's Day!
Xo Tiffe


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