2018 GOALS

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A very special Happy New Years to you! We are beaming with the optimism that the new year brings and for all the things we have mapped out ahead of us. On New Years Day, Keith and I sat down to reflect all that has happened in 2017, plus our hopes and goals for 2018 and the next five years. If you know us personally or have been following us on Instagram for some time, you may know that we temporarily closed the business in 2016 only to return in a big way last year.

The decision for me to take a break from Baby Teith three years after we launched came when I was offered the opportunity to return to my career as a merchandiser. It was with a company I had a history with. One I had always dreamed of merchandising. Even though I was passionate about our business, I was feeling discouraged by slow growth and all the obstacles along our journey. I needed to take a breath, go sharpen my skills and take a step back to reassess.





During my eight months with the company, I learned a valuable amount and got a fresh perspective on running a business. In May, I returned to Baby Teith, determined to fix what didn't work in the past. I took business night classes, photography classes, and a major marking course with someone I have admired for years. She since has become my mentor.

We reopened in June with a bang! The shop was filled with tees and tanks at that time while we worked on getting the cut and sew established. In the fall, we found an amazing local manufacture and began to release our signature dresses.






The year ended on a super sweet note. Our online store was continually bustling with shoppers and we participated many pop-up market events in Phoenix. The most we ever have in a single season. This allowed us to get away from the computer and connect with our local customers face to face! It's one thing we intend to do more of in 2018.


So, what's on the horizon for Baby Teith? Here are some of our goals for this year!
Our theme: Connection.



Remember our printed leggings, skirts, bodysuits, and accessories? Yes, those are coming back! Along with more sizing for babies and big kids, swim, plus other accessories. We plan on expanding our assortment at least two-fold, if not more. Which will also include more offerings for you cool grown-ups.



We aspire to be more than just clothing on a hanger and we hope to synthesize connections between parents and families. In our facebook group for mamas, the Baby Teith Clubhouse, my goal is to continue conversations, host more chat room parties (October's party was so much fun!), to have meetups and other get-togethers IRL.

Also to connect more with you this year, we are working on launching a YouTube channel and radio show (podcast). We will be easing into both with only one monthly video and radio episode as we have fun with it. I really hope to get some 90's world-tour-life stories out of Keith!


Oh Internets, how funny you can be. Sometimes I feel like a faceless business since my persistent camera-shyness stops me from getting on video and being like "Hi! You're talking to a real person on the other end of that DM!" So, my goal is to show you that I am, in fact, a person with more videos and maybe some Q&A sessions. (Would you be into that?)


Last year I wish we did more collaborations, shout-outs, and contests with other brands and artists. I love to support those pursuing their passions and to help tell their stories. If you are interested in collabs definitely hit me up!



One thing that I'm proud of is that we have been consistent with being ourselves, both as parents and business owners. We've stayed true to who we are even when we felt like our designs were too different and out there compared to other children's brands. Buyers didn't quite understand us at first.. Or when I felt like I didn't fit in with other moms at trendy family-friendly events as I stood uncomfortably covered in my tattoos and dark clothing.

Parenthood isn't conformity. Don't get me wrong, we've changed in some big ways since our daughter was born. We have definitely become more responsible, reliable, open-minded, and resilient. But the core of who we are has not changed and we hope to set an example for our daughter. We hope that she grows up knowing that her unique quirks make her who she is. Those quirks should never be hidden, but illuminated.

This year, I hope that we can transcend more of that feeling and authenticity into our business. We absolutely love what we do and what we create. Even more so when we connect with parents who totally get us and feel like the clothing was made just for them and their kids! Seriously, it's the best feeling.

So there you have it. The Baby Teith goals for 2018! We look forward to sharing all that we discover and expirence this year with you. So what about you? What are your goals?


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