"Forever Young" and Parenthood

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Forever Young, the new wave masterpiece by German band Alphaville, reminds us of how fragile and fleeting life is. It paints a portrait of human's tendency to hold on tightly to our lifeline. Released in 1984, this tear-jerking ballad incorporates everything that made the 80's so magical while taking us on a quest for the fountain of youth. It has a solid place on the soundtrack for my childhood and forever is one of my favorite songs.



Rediscovering the song as a parent thirty years later brings on a parade of welcomed mixed emotions. No matter how many times I replay it, I can feel my heart breaking into pieces, a thump in my throat, and a tear in my eye. But the song also conjurers a flood of joy as memories of our daughter's birth flash in mind and I think about the whole life ahead of her. And then, game over. Pass the tissues. I'm done. I'm reminded of how fast she's growing up. My eyes well up and I turn into a blubbering mess. Every. Single Time.


Rediscover "Forever Young" by Alphaville


Let's dance in style, let's dance for a while
Heaven can wait we're only watching the skies
Hoping for the best, but expecting the worst
Are you gonna drop the bomb or not?

Let us die young or let us live forever
We don't have the power, but we never say never
Sitting in a sandpit, life is a short trip
The music's for the sad man

Can you imagine when this race is won?
Turn our golden the faces into the sun
Praising our leaders, we're getting in tune
The music's played by the, the madman

Forever young
I want to be forever young
Do you really want to live forever?
Forever, and ever

Some are like water, some are like the heat
Some are a melody and some are the beat
Sooner or later they all will be gone
Why don't they stay young?

It's so hard to get old without a cause
I don't want to perish like a fading horse
Youth's like diamonds in the sun,
And diamonds are forever

So many adventures given up today
So many songs we forgot to play
So many dreams swinging out of the blue
Oh let it come true

Forever young
I want to be forever young
Do you really want to live forever
Forever, and ever?
Forever young



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