Record Store Day Photo Contest Winners

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For Record Store Day this year, we asked: "Why is sharing music with your little human is important to you?" The cutest photos were submitted and it was very difficult to choose the winner! We thank everyone who participated in our very first Record Store Day contest. And now.. the winners!


FIRST PLACE - $100 Baby Teith Gift Card


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It’s record store day! I was born with music running through my veins. My dad was a DJ in the 80s and during my childhood. At a young age, I took an immediate interest in knowing who sang what, song lyrics, and general trivia. Also, these pics were taken in my parents’ garage. I had a huge library of music to explore thanks to my dad. It appears as though my littles are following in our footsteps and I am HERE for it. They are so interested in knowing song titles, artists, and love singing along with their mama. I am MORE than happy to talk about music with them and I am so proud 🖤@babyteith #babyteithrecordstoredaycontest #babyteith #recordstoreday #vinyl #records #music #family

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RUNNER UP - $75 Baby Teith Gift Card


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My earliest memory as a child was listening to Duran Duran "Hungry Like a Wolf" in my sisters bedroom. I was not much older than my sons age and yet I remember it perfectly. Music has been apart of my life ever since. It's been my constant best friend in good times and bad, a sound track to my life. I want my son to have that experience & passion, to be able to build his own soundtrack ...with my impeccable taste instilled of course. The day he breaks out singing Otis Redding in the middle of a record store I know my job has been done. @babyteith #babyteithrecordstoredaycontest #traxrecordstore #prettyinpink #upcycled playhouse #cardboardrecordstore #recordstoreplayhouse #recordstoreday #babyteith #themorrisseyyouthemoreilikeyou

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RUNNER UP - $75 Baby Teith Gift Card


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Music has always been the way I connected, to others, to situations, to myself; it’s what feeds my soul. Live music and concerts were at the root of my relationship with Ezra’s father, it kept us high but grounded when needed. When I first found out I was pregnant, there was a song playing in my head, (Elvis Presley- can’t help falling in love) I’ve since then played music and sang to him every night from womb to current toddlerhood. Our lives are centered around music. The way it has the ability to enhance almost any situation, the way it can take me back to a certain place or time, the way it ignites something in me... being able to share that with my son is so important and so magical to me. He is very much already musically inclined (he loves singing, dancing and daydreaming to melodies) and is exposed to a variety of impeccable artists 😎💁‍♀️. His favorite show is based off of The Beatles music (beat bugs)! Music is love in our little family & I wouldn’t raise him any other way. ♥️🔊 - - - @babyteith #babyteithrecordstoredaycontest #records #vinylrecords #vinyl #recordplayer #crosley #thesmiths #morrissey #toddlerhood #17monthsold #ledzeppelin #ramones #howsoonisnow #music #motherhood

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Many congratulations to the winners! Thank you for sharing your stories and photos with us and the Baby Teith community. We appreciate you all so much!

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