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Your name and location?
Kelly Tumey Georgetown, TX
Your child/children's name and ages?
Autumn, 5; Natalie, 5; RJ, 1
Are you a rockstar stay-at-home parent or bad ass working parent? If the latter, what do you do for work?
I'm a rockstar/badass work-from-home mom! I've been a remote stylist with Stitch Fix for a year and it's such a rad job!
How has parenthood changed you? What obstacles do you face as a parent? Any advice you'd like to give to new parents?
Parenthood has definitely made me more selfless and organized. Without a routine, my house would probably implode. I've found that my biggest obstacle as a parent is trying too hard to meet unrealistic expectations. I tell any new parent that everyone distributes their time differently; comparing ourselves to others is a sure-fire way to set yourself up for failure.
We'd love to learn more about your interests! Among your friends and family, what are you most known for? What are you obsessed with?
Besides long walks through Target, I love crafts and plants! I'm always trying to find some new DIY project (some of them even get finished!). Also, I'm a sucker for a good Netflix/Hulu binge. Currently watching the 2nd season of Handmaid's Tale.
We'd love to learn more about your children! What about them makes you the most proud? What are they obsessing over at the moment? Do they have their own sense of style? If so, where do you think that comes from?
Autumn and Natalie are fraternal twins, although people have a hard time telling them apart. Luckily for their teachers, they have very different hair cuts! I'm so proud of how much they adore learning and their kind nature towards everyone. They're currently obsessed with Vampirina and learning how to swim! Although they share most of their clothes, they like to style their outfits in different ways. Autumn is kind of a tomboy and Natalie loves a good dress. RJ spends a lot of time rummaging through his sister's toys when he's not terrorizing his own. He's currently obsessed with Batman and Star Wars and is usually wearing a shirt with one of those characters on it and a pair of Vans.
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