9 Of The Best Kids’ Halloween Costumes For Music Lovers

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Depeche Mode, Gwen Stefani, Selena, David Bowie.. Halloween is coming up and Baby Teith's got your kids costume ideas covered. Here are some amazing costumes to inspire you. Your kids might just end up looking cooler than you! But that's important, right? How else will they bring home all that trick-or-treat candy for us to eat?

1. Depeche Mode Toddler Costume

toddler depeche mode halloween costume

Move over Martin Gore and Dave Gahan!

Image Credit: Witching Hour Baby Blog


2. Selena Toddler Costume

toddler selina

Oooh myy bidi bidi!!! 😍😍😍 Anything for Selena!

Image Credit: Unknown (please message us if you know!)


3. Baby Bjork Costume


For Violet's first Halloween, I made her Bjork, naturally!

Image credit: Baby Teith


4. Wayne and Garth Toddler Costume

waynes world toddlers


Image Credit: Banned in Hollywood


5. Johnny Cash Toddler Costume

toddler johnny cash costume

Walkin' the line for some candy.

Image Credit: imgfave


6. Gwen Stefani Kid's Costume

kid gwen stefani costume

Just a girl.

Image credit: Pinterest


7. Baby David Bowie Costume

baby bowie

Image Credit: @david_bowie_eternal


8. Willy Nelson Kid Costume

willy nelson

Image Credit: Pinterest


9. Purple Rain Toddler Prince Costume

prince costume

When doves cry, so do toddlers.

Image Credit: Pinterest



Happy Halloween!

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  • I thought Baby Bowie was my fave until I saw Baby Prince :D

    Kisha on

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